February 05, 2013

On the Road: Toulouse and Gers

This past weekend I went to Toulouse, France and the surrounding Gers region to visit my daughter Coco who is in school there for three months. With or without a child to visit, I would repeat this weekend any time – we had fun, we relaxed, we shopped, we ate (I had foie gras 4 times!), and we saw so many beautiful things.


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Alejandra Montero
7 years 1 month ago

Hi Amanda, lovely photos and an amazing town! I'll visit Toulouse, so I've a lot of questions to make you!

Brooke Michie
7 years 11 months ago

This is a beautiful post…

8 years 11 days ago
How funny, I have been following your blog since not so long and today I was checking your photos, and really on the photos of the laverdens castle I was like "gosh, I know this place, but it can't be !" and then saw your comment saying that it is actually the château de Lavardens !The Gers is such a small place, and not a lot of people (even frenchs) know where it is.But I'm proud to be from Auch and it is lovely place to live ! Glad you came by to see a bit of the "Gascogne" and… Read more »
8 years 16 days ago
I really like your blog (and your style). Although I just wonder why you almost never answer questions from readers. I could understand if you don't really want a dialogue but it seems the opposite when we read your so personal stories about your life, your taste and what you like. If there is something I like more than intimate stories these are comments from readers, they infuse the blogs with great energy and passion. Hope you find the time to respond to peoples queries, I am sure you would bring a lot of happiness to your followers, the potential… Read more »
Amanda Brooks
8 years 13 days ago

Dear Anonymous – Thank you for your encouragement to reply to comments. I will do my best to answer them. However, I find it more inviting to respond when I know the commenter's name, or at least their username. Amanda

Anika Daclan
8 years 25 days ago

Hi Amanda!

I'm very interested to put my daughter in an exchange student like Coco. May I ask for your help on how you go about the process?
Thank ou very much.