May 27


Life on the Farm: Here Come the Poppies!

I almost never get enough time to digest the intense beauty of the red poppies that grow in our garden. If feels like they pop up out of nowhere with little warning and are gone again a week later. Nonetheless, seeing the first one burst open – as I did this morning – never ceases to cause great excitement. The joy is only slightly tampered by the disappointment of realizing I’ll be away next week when they are all out and glowing.


Aug 12


On the Road: The North Fork of Long Island

I’ve been in and around New York since the 15th of July. It feels good to be home, except that I miss Ginger terribly. I even had a dream that Christopher surprised me and flew her in from England to visit all her favorite New York places with us. Wishful dreaming. Anyway, I was in the city for two weeks taking care of business, and then we spent a heavenly ten days in Southold, on the North Fork of Long Island. We have a beach house there and we are always debating selling it, because we don’t get to use it enough to justify the expenses involved. When we left for England, some friends asked if they could rent it year round, except for the 10 days they go to Maine, when we could have the house back. Pretty good deal, right? So we happily agreed and now get to be there for a good long dose right at the height of the summer, no doubt the house’s peak season. ..