Jun 07


On the Road: My NYC

In most cities I visit, I find myself on a manic dash to visit all the cool new stores, restaurants and museum shows I’ve read about or heard about from friends. Not in New York though. When I return to the city (there’s only one, right?) these days, I find myself wanting to go back to the same places over and over. I want to feel like I’m home. I want to go to all the places that make it feel like mine. On my most recent trip, because Christopher and the kids were with me, we woke up on our first day there, left the house and found ourselves doing our usual weekend routine – walk down Houston, get the kids a smoothie at Miss Lilly’s, get ourselves a coffee at Third Rail and then head to Washington Square park – except because we didn’t have Ginger with us, we went to the playground (for old time’s sake) instead of the dog run...