Sep 19


I absolutely love the Hollywood sign. It’s so iconic, it’s like a celebrity unto itself. It satisfies all the yearning for glamour and excitement you expect to feel when you go to Hollywood. Years ago, I took my son Zach to LA. For weeks he told all his friend’s he was “Going to Hollywood!!!!!!!” like they say in American Idol. The trouble was, when we got there, there weren’t celebrities lining the streets, no one was offering us a recording contract, and there weren’t any movies being shot within public view. So I decided on a dime that the best way to feel like we were in Hollywood was to go to the Hollywood sign. On our drive there, we ignored many posts saying “public traffic is forbidden beyond this point,” illegally parked our car, and scrambled up over a hill until we arrived at a clear unobstructed view. It was so spectacular that I couldn’t figure out why we had so few fellow trespassers. We took our requisite photos and went on home, thoroughly satisfied. The next time I came to LA, I returned to the Hollywood sign with my daughter Coco. Within the first few minutes of scrambling up the same path, again accessed from our illegal parking spot, multiple police lights started flashing from the top of the hill, with a stern voice booming over a loudspeaker “YOU ARE NOW TRESPASSING. THIS IS ILLEGAL AND PUNISHABLE BY JAIL. YOU MUST LEAVE AT ONCE!” We froze, wide eyed, looked at each other and ran down the hill. Coco cried when we got in the car. I couldn’t stop laughing, which made her furious at me. I guess we won’t be going to the Hollywood sign again anytime soon, but it certainly made for a memorable visit.