July 20, 2012

On the Road: Spain, part 1

Although we were headed nearer to Seville, we flew into Malaga because it meant my sister could get a direct flight home to NYC at the end of the trip. We didn’t have high expectations for Malaga (its pretty industrial at first glance), but we were landing at midnight and the next day would be my daughter Coco’s 11th birthday, so I figured we had to do something fun before we headed off on a three hour drive to Trasierra, our real destination. In researching what there was to do in Malaga, I found out that Picasso was born there and that they had a great Picasso museum, designed by Gagosian architect Richard Gluckman. The Picasso museums in Antibes and in Paris are among my favorite museums in the world, so I was very keen to go.

Only problem? It was NOT Coco’s idea of a birthday celebration. I reminded her that we had already had a big birthday party for her with all her friends in NYC before we left and that this would be more of a family day, not solely focused on her. She still wasn’t having it. A museum and three hours in the car was not her idea of fun. Then I found my hook. Twenty minutes outside of Malaga is a giant water park! I promised the kids they if they indulged the adults in the Picasso Museum and a lovely lunch at Bottega El Pimpi afterwards, we would give them two hours at the water park before setting off on our drive. Done deal.

The day turned out to be a win/win for everyone. The kids actually loved the museum – how could you not? There is a reason Picasso is the most famous artist in the world. And flying down the freefall waterside with my kids on either side of me – screaming our heads off and laughing at the same time – has been one of my highlights of the summer.

Equally as impressive as the artwork in the Picasso museum was how Richard Gluckman combined the decorative aspects of the original building with a very chic minimalist gallery aesthetic to serve as a backdrop for the work.
I am always on the hunt for photographs of Picasso. I am going to do a post on his style soon. I think of him often when getting dressed – for real. I love the casual and unpretentious, yet inherent style in the photograph of him in his study. 

This is the only photograph I got to take of the actual work before getting busted by a security guard. Luckily it happens to be one of my favorite pieces. 

There was this incredible fig tree in the courtyard outside the museum. I love how it is planted inside a circular wall. I have to be very very selective of the moments when I ask my husband to pose for a family photo – he is very resistant to posed pictures – but I thought this was a good opportunity and when I asked, he went for it! It will be a couple of months before the next one now….

We were already overwhelmed with aesthetic delight when we left the museum, and we turned the corner to be face to face with this incredible ruin. Coco sat there staring without even realizing I was there for a long time. She had never seen anything like it.

Bottega El Pimpi is a very chic restaurant in Malaga, and it sits right in front of the above ruin. They have local celebrities sign the wine barrels. Paloma’s was by far the most exciting. I love her heart.
Our first taste of jamon at El Pimpi. I will never forget it. Its unlike anything I’ve ever had. Delicious!

I love all the decoration in Spain. Literally EVERYTHING is decorated! Its very feminine and very charming. 

The view from our hotel in Malaga. As you can see its not the most beautiful city, but I loved looking into the bull ring. 



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8 years 11 days ago

Coolness! Thank you for sharing!

Splendid Market
8 years 17 days ago

Sounds like a brilliant compromise and a wonderful day for all. How wonderful to have captured your daughter so amazed by that historical ruin. Love the fig tree, just from it's gorgeous knarly trunk, I can only imagine how beautiful the leaves are and the fragrance in the sun!

8 years 21 days ago

thank you so much for sharing! absolutely love your blog…..sigh…….

8 years 22 days ago

Lovely post, thank you for sharing!