October 20, 2015

Snapshot: The Old Tack Room

I took this photo of our old tack room in 2008 which by chance turned out to be the summer before it was disassembled and moved from the old farmyard into a make-shift new tack room in our stables. We kind of threw it together spur of the moment, so the design and decoration of it hasn’t really been thought through. I’m thinking of making some improvements so I’ve been asking myself what it is I want from a tack room. Some of my friends have ones that are purely practical and functional whereas some are more stately and grand. As we live on a farm, not an estate, I feel that ours should be tidy, but informal. Having worked in an aesthetic world for most of my career I tend to lean towards perfection, and this picture is reminding me how charming it can be to keep it real and embrace a bit of homemade personal style.


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5 years 2 days ago

The tack room at my boarding barn is very simple and purely functional, but there are little rules to keep it orderly. (All bridles should be figure-eighted, blankets folded, saddles on their correct rack, etc.) I find ribbons and photos are always a nice personal touch, too!