September 28, 2015

Snapshot: The Girl Who Won Fashion Month

The endless parade of street style looks isn’t even over yet (Paris is still to come!), but I’m going to jump the gun here and crown model Emma Oak the winner. I love everything about this look – the combination of rich burgundy and red are so unexpected but work so well; and the overt sexiness of the unbuttoned shirt combined with the nerdiness of the flared high-water trouser and the school girl charm of the penny loafers; the anonymous tote bag that says I’m cool enough that I don’t have to carry a brand new Céline bag. And her smile! Her smile that shows such ease and confidence.

So what will I take from this look? Not the unbuttoned shirt. I’m too worried that my sad little boobies will show. But maybe I’ll undo one extra button on my own shirt next time. And I do wear flared jeans….so maybe I’ll try the cropped version. Mostly though I’ll feel more empowered to make bold color choices and try to smile like Emma does, even when English rain is pouring down.

*shoutout to Sandra Semburg for this stunning image.


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5 years 3 months ago

This person is so cool and relaxed. Thanks for confirming my good opinion of your fashion sense.