Apr 30


Hello, again.

Hi there. I’m back! 

So, recently my family and I made the decision to spend a year on our farm in Oxfordshire, England. I am calling it my “creative sabbatical.” First on my agenda? To get my blog and up and running again. I also have ambitious writing plans for the next year, and you all will be the first to know about them as they unfold. In the meantime, here is a look at my future dwelling, all about which I will share when I arrive there at the end of June...

Jan 14


Snapshot: The Perfect White Sunglasses

I’m going to Palm Beach next weekend, and I’m starting to think about what I’m going to wear. I learned today that my Thakoon resort order will be ready by then which will be perfect because it consists mainly of breezy tops and cute shorts – perfect for a sunny Florida getaway (looking at the 15-day forecast it looks like the thermometer will hit 80 while I’m there!). The one thing I still need to get is a pair of white sunglasses...

Nov 27


On the Road: Taverna Flavia, Rome

While I was in Rome last week (working on the next Tod’s ad campaign), Emanuele Della Valle took us to Taverna Flavia one night for dinner. As soon as we walked in I was charmed by its old school neighborhood restaurant-type feel and the charm of the waiters who greeted us. I was further impressed by the floor to ceiling photos of celebrities from all decades. But I was actually floored when we got to the private dining room and noticed that the entire room was a museum’s worth of photos and articfacts dedicated to the owner Mimmo Cavicchi’s infatuation and long standing friendship with Liz Taylor, dating back to her days on the set of Cleopatra shot in Rome in 1961. ..