September 28, 2012

I ♥ Your Style: Charlotte Rampling

Usually on Fridays I post something about life here on the farm in England, but the next post I want to write on that subject requires a bit more time, and I am just back from London. SO – I will do that post on Monday, and today I will leave you with three photos of Charlotte Rampling that demonstrate that she is quite possibly the most beautiful woman that ever lived.




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elyssa khoury
5 years 16 days ago

Could you tell me what is the name of the photograph who took the first photo please? Thank you!

Lærke P.
Lærke P.
7 years 22 days ago

And a great actress! I've actually only seen her 'mature' movies but am breathtaken nonetheless. Check out her graceful, mysterious, laden and bravely unlikeable personas in 'Melancholia', 'Swimmingpool' and 'Under the Sun' to name a few.

Kitchen Afternoon
7 years 24 days ago

Women seem to be much prettier in earlier decades, less homogenized.