August 03, 2013

Life on the Farm: Sunset

As the days have been so long in the last few months, I’ve gotten in the habit of taking Ginger out for a walk after dinner. Just the two of us. It’s a lovely way to clear my head, digest my dinner, and enjoy the last of the evening light before settling in for the evening.

This field is called Middle Fairgreen, and it’s just next to our cottage. This was in May when the dandelions were everywhere, and the grass was still relatively short.
The view from my bedroom window, just after I arrived home from a walk. Sometimes when the sun is just setting I am drawn to the window by the warm, pink light shining into the cottage. Often it seeps through the drawn curtains while I am putting one of the kids to bed, and we feel compelled to peek through them to see the last of the sun. 
A moodier end-of-day in Middle Fairgreen.
Middle Fairgreen, a month later in June, with longer grass and hogweed everywhere.
Often Gingy and I walk up to Lord Moreton’s seat, an old stone bench on top of the hill above the gallops, where the race horses get their exercise (and Gingy gets hers too). Here Ginger is making her way home after a good romp up there.

Another walk Ginger and I take is down the bridal path and into the woods. Sometimes it’s a welcome change of scenery to have a more narrrow, cozy view through the trees and over the hedges.

Early July, when the fields are drying out and the grass is nearly too long to walk through.
Wildflowers along the gallops. 

You can see I’m kind of obsessed with the hogweed. 
This was the sunset on the evening my cousin died. It was an impossibly sad day, and this was a suitably dramatic end to it.


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4 years 5 days ago

Hello Amanda could you become active on pinterst I think you have great taste and I love to follow you.

4 years 11 days ago

sorry about your cousin. lovely photos.

4 years 13 days ago

Dear Amanda. What a beautiful post. I live in London, not THAT far from where you are, but my evenings couldn't be more different! You are really lucky be living in such a beautiful place

Kitchen Afternoon
4 years 14 days ago

I love your posts with your original photography – these do have emotion.

4 years 15 days ago

I am sorry for your loss as well. I've been meaning to comment for about a year now. Thank you for your blog and book!
I just married an older man, who also loves the country and hunting etc. So reading your blog makes me feel like I am not alone! When we were first together I asked, "what kind of outfit do I need for Vermont?" He laughed! Glad to know you like your country outfits too (and that there are other amazing women out there marrying older men!)