November 28, 2012

Life on the Farm: The Fog

In England, the fog is one of the the first signs that autumn is coming. This year it started in the beginning of September, so early in the morning that you could easily miss it if you slept in. The first time I saw it, while looking out my bedroom window at the crack of dawn, it took my eyes a minute to adjust to the fact that it wasn’t water flooding the valley below us. Now that I’ve seen the fog on quite a few mornings, I have noticed that it starts as a thick, flat blanket deep in the valley with the hills rising up through it like the humps of a sea monster. Then it makes its way through the fields, thinning out as it spreads. Eventually, as the sun shines through, the fog becomes lighter and lighter until it floats up into the sky, leaving a clear day in it’s wake.







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7 years 13 days ago

Hello, any chance for a Kindle version of your book on Amazon? I've stopped reading paper when possible.

In case you never heard it before, I love your style!

7 years 15 days ago

i love your photography, may i ask what camera you use? do you generally use a DSLR or is it a smaller, 'pocket size' digital? thanks!