September 10, 2015

Life on the Farm: RIP Jack Bauer


Jack Bauer and his field mate Inspector Clouseau (Jack and Clue for short) actually belonged to my brother-in-law, but because we all live on the same farm, the donkeys would spend part of their year in the field next to our house. A few months ago, my husband Christopher was walking past that field when Clue ran up to him in utter panic. He was hee-ing and haw-ing as loud as he could and he looked scared. Christopher jumped the stone wall into the field where Clue was crying and followed him towards where it looked like Jack was lying down. Christopher instinctively knew in that moment that Jack was gone. Why would he be resting or sleeping while Clue was in such a state? As he approached him his fear was confirmed. Jack had died. Clue continued to run around, completely freaking out. Poor Clue. That afternoon we rang a neighbour who has donkeys and she agreed to adopt Clue right away so he could begin bonding with hers.2013-09-08 11.09.28She explained to me that donkeys get deeply attached to their friends, and it’s common that they get very distressed when separated. We don’t know exactly why Jack died but we suspect that in the woods next to his field he must have eaten a branch from a Yew tree, which grows wild around here and is extremely poisonous to both horses and donkeys. I will miss their loud donkeys calls and the sight of them humping each other nearly every time I passed the field. Such characters they were.2013-09-08 11.20.22




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Cindy Potters
Cindy Potters
4 years 7 months ago

Such a sad and sweet post. Never gave donkeys a second thought. Til now. Thanks for sharing.

4 years 8 months ago

So sorry to hear about Jack, but such a sweet story and I am glad there will be a happy ending for his friend. Lovely photos as well…