April 02, 2013

I ♥ Your Style: Aleks Woroniecka

You know how there are some people you come across in life that always seem like they are having the best time? Aleks Woroniecka is one of those people. She is a friend of a friend, and maybe it’s because I really only see her at parties that she is always so cheerful and enthusiastic, but I suspect she’s like this all the time. She’s smiling, she’s affectionate, and she’s usually the first to dance and the last to go home. I always look forward to seeing Aleks because her happiness is contagious.

However, the reason I am telling you about her here is because of her classic, yet quintessentially French style. Everything she wears is chic but not fussy; stylish but not trendy; precise without trying too hard. And that short blonde bob makes me so jealous – I tried to wear my hair that length recently, and it just looked awful on me (my hair is too bushy to be that short and all one length). What you can’t see in these black and white shots is Aleks’s signature red nails. By now you must now how much I love red nails. In her case, they are the perfect bit of femininity in contrast to her otherwise tomboy look.



Can you see her skinny suspenders? Those little details are what makes her style unique. And if you love her silk panama-inspired blouse, it’s from Olatz in NYC (also available at Barneys.com).


I love the quirky, surrealist hand-holding belt. It’s unusual accessories such as this that make thrift store combing often worth the effort.




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kim at northerncalstyle.
7 years 1 month ago

Loved her style and her hair. Repelled by the smoking though…
Would hate to see young women think smoking equals chic.

7 years 1 month ago

It's funny you mentioned you didn't like your hair cut short in a bob because I just lopped off mine because I thought yours looked so chic! (Aleks certainly does look great too:-)

7 years 1 month ago

Great feature; thanks for sharing. I love how effortless she looks.

Also wanted to say that I am reading your book now! My husband gave it to me for my birthday, since I have been wanting to seriously study style, and I am really enjoying your work in it. You make style seem so accessible to those of us (like myself) who were born without an innate fashion sense. Merci!

7 years 1 month ago

She does look like she has a very interesting style…until you see her with the cigarette. That and that alone ruins the pictures – I certainly would not want to be near her at a party.

7 years 1 month ago

I have loved her style since I read an old US Vogue article on her minimalist wardrobe. Even here, I love how she wears the same items over and over – the leather jacket, for example. And there are few things as chic as a signature haircut.