June 04, 2013

I ♥ Your Painting Style: Anh Duong

At the moment I’ve been fixated on looking at fashion thru the eyes of artists. I love the timeless quality clothes take on when they are painted, regardless of how trendy they are in real life. Anh Duong is a particularly compelling painter of clothes. Because she is a girl who loves fashion in her own life, there is a particularly personal and complex relationship between herself and the way she dresses herself in her paintings. They are not only engaging to see when first painted, but as with some of the older ones shown below, they will become even more interesting and iconic over time.

Do you remember this dress? It’s from the 90’s, and I’m pretty sure it’s Donna Karan or DKNY. I wish I had bought it.
I don’t know who made this trench but I imagine it’s by someone iconic, like Burberry. It’s incredible how dramatically the folds of the trench are painted. I also love the fishnets and the glimpse of the red soles on the Louboutin boots. Remember that Fendi bag?
This might be my favorite of all of Anh’s self-portraits. Anh was one of my very first friends when I first moved to New York, and this painting reminds me of how she is dressed when we are out of the city relaxing in our down time. It reminds me of riding our bikes from her house to have a swim in the nearby bay. Also, what’s more timeless and chic than a striped shirt with jean shorts, a sun hat and flip flops?
Obviously I love the leopard, but I also love it in the context of the quotidian NYC life in the background.
I love this DVF dress. I actually wore it to the launch of I Love Your Style in 2009 that DVF hosted for me, but I think its looks even better here as Anh portrayed it. I can’t even imagine trying to paint ruched polka dots!
The combination of the mundane (Listerine, presecription medicine, toothbrushes and razors)  and the glamorous (Missoni towels and Chanel no5 perfume) is inspired.
The colors in this painting are incredible, and I love the focus on the sunglasses and the thigh-highs.
This painting is another one of my favorites. I’m not sure who designed the gorgeous dress but if I had to guess I would say Lanvin?!? And isn’t the teddy bear brilliant?
You must know by now that I am a sucker for fresh flowers in your hair.
The striped reflection, the way the lace is painted, and the Louboutin shoes and bag are all amazing. I love this one.
Anh in her Christian Lacroix couture wedding dress and the self-portrait she did wearing it. It was – and still is – one of my all-time favorite wedding dresses.
The colors and details in the floral lingerie and the stripes – in fact, in the entire painting – are incredible. If I had the chance to hang one in my house, this would be it.


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6 years 10 days ago

Glad you're not gone for good!
Regards from Athens


6 years 12 days ago

Happy to read your posts again

6 years 13 days ago

I love your posts….don't leave them

6 years 13 days ago

So glad to see you're back! After reading your piece in Vogue was thinking that maybe your year here in England was up and you'd flown back over the pond!After your slightly melancholic post about Kaiser too! will certainly follow on instagram- I love your style!!

6 years 14 days ago

Excited to see photos of your sisters wedding and her dress!