November 10, 2015

Farm Fashion: Tweed that’s not twee

While I’m a fan of men in tweed jackets virtually anywhere I see them, as a woman I always felt that wearing tweed in the city was just too rustic a look for me. I indulged my attraction to them once or twice – I remember picking up a brown and cream herringbone one at the flea market about ten years ago, but it just sat there in my closet untouched until I admitted defeat and gave it away. Now that I live in the countryside however, I am free to move full steam ahead in my enthusiasm for tweed. For my 40th birthday last year, Christopher gave me a custom-made hacking jacking. Slightly intimidated by the expense, I went fully classic – a black and grey Harris tweed in a slightly feminized version of a traditionally masculine style. She is a thing of beauty – my jacket, that is – beautiful shape, perfect fit, well-considered details. But I am now craving something less conventional to add to the mix – maybe an oversized mens-style jacket with the sleeves rolled up? Or perhaps something even more fitted and feminine and stylised? When I’m on the farm I’d like something roomy enough that I can throw on over a sweater and drive in comfortably. But then when I join my husband to go on the occasional shooting weekend, I love the thought of channelling the more retro girly shapes from the 1930’s – matching jacket and skirt with maybe a bit of a hairstyle and some makeup. You get the look, right? As I want something authentic and non-fashion-y I’m determined to find something at a vintage shop. We’ll see what I come up with.


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Lucy Docherty
Lucy Docherty
5 years 2 months ago

Hi Amanda! Where did you get your custom made hacking jackets done? Lucy

5 years 2 months ago

I own a tweed jacket with elbow patches that looks silly on me because I got the wrong cut. Looking to sell it away.

But Riding jackets ! They have that country girl landed in the city on a horse but in style, sorta look. Riding jackets are awsome ! Ralph Laurn makes some beautiful cuts in the right fabrics.

High waisted tweed shorts are something that look good in the autumn on tights and sweaters.

The pictures you chose are beautiful.