September 13, 2013

On the Road: Adirondacks, part 2

Coco and Zinnia waiting for suppertime.
Love Boat.
Tennis in the mountains.
Christopher had the brilliant idea of buying at badminton net at Sports Authority on our way up to Keene Valley. Coco became particularly obsessed. 

Coco and Zach crossing the Ausable River. When I was a kid the bridges only had a railing on one side,  and one time my stepfather turned around to tell us to hold the railing and he walked right off the bridge. His leg was in a cast the rest of the summer!
The west branch of the Ausable River at 7am, just when the trout are starting to bite. 
Who has better a better fishing look? Christopher?
Or Zach? I vote Zach.
Zach, netting his first ever brown trout!
Watching the sun fall behind the mountains.
Mom and I leaping off a high cliff into cold, dark water. The following rush is worth the fear.

Zinnia, loving the porch swing.

My favorite swimming hole.
Warming up on the rocks.
Don’t be a dropout!
Zach, graciously holding a boulder so I can pass by.
Here I am on top of Gothics Mountain. Hard to think of a place I’d rather be.
The view from Pyramid.


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6 years 11 months ago

Oh man, Zach's fishing look: flawless.

6 years 11 months ago
I got on this morning planning to look at your last post again, and was delighted to see this one! I've looked at the last post so many times that if you are checking traffic and IP addresses, you must think I am a stalker!, but instead, I am just captivated by the beauty and can't stop dreaming. Thank you so much for sharing this area, which I have in turn shared with my husband–we are only a couple hours away by car, and are hoping to get there next summer with our kids. It looks like paradise. Your photos… Read more »