September 19, 2013

I ♥ Your Style: Classic Fashion

We all have this idea that fashion is ephemeral. And in some regards it absolutely is. We buy something that catches our eye in a magazine, in a store, on, we wear it a few times, and then it goes into fashion purgatory never to be worn again. Or never to be worn until it gains some vintage cred or stages a comeback a decade later.

But when I was working at Barneys I knew I would be spending a large proportion of my disposable income on clothes, and I wanted to be smart about it. If I was going to splurge, it had to be on things I would wear for a long time, not just a season. And so I trained my eyes to look for classic pieces. And suddenly I saw them everywhere – a perfect army green safari jacket at Givenchy, a navy crew neck sweater at Celine, a black wool a-line skirt at Alaia, brown leather jodhpur boots at Balenciaga. Eighteen months later, I still wear nearly every single piece of clothing I bought during that time, despite living on a farm in the middle of the English countryside.

In fact, this method of buying great quality classic pieces made by the world’s best designers has stuck with me. When I look at runway shows, or fashion magazines, or racks of clothes in boutiques now, my eye starts scanning right away for the timeless pieces in the collection. I tend to skip right over the prints and the ruffles, and look for that perfectly simple piece that will last a lifetime.



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Prairie Underground Moon Ruffle Vest

I like the sofia's style

Farrah Storr
6 years 5 months ago

Love your blog Amanda- especially the bits about your new life in the country. Now…where was that cream shirt from that you were photographed in? Is it Celine?

Amanda Brooks
6 years 4 months ago

The cream blouse is made by Olatz and you can get it at Barneys. xx

Kitchen Afternoon
6 years 6 months ago

All the photos are wonderful, yours too, one of the best, but the clothes and settting Tonne and Grace made me feel as though I were there, soul sister, er I mean soeur d'ame

Jennifer James
6 years 6 months ago

Love this.. I am all about timeless style ( Although I like to dapple in the fun and outlandish designs every now and then 😉

xo – JJ

InspiredAtelier LettiDLG
6 years 6 months ago

Perfectly written and explained. I agree, well chosen classic pieces will forever be timeless. I too have recently discovered this.
Thank you for sharing.